New year, new you, new hair trends. We’ve finally made it to a brand new year, and that means there will soon be new trends taking over the hair industry. Every hairstylist worldwide has been making predictions of what hairstyles and haircuts will be trending this year, including us, and we’re so excited to share them!

Each year hair trends come and go, and it’s helpful to find out what styles to focus on so that you’re prepared for your next hair appointment. Here are 3 hair trends that we’re loving for 2023 and 3 hair trends we’re leaving behind!

3 hair trends we’re loving for 2023


We’ve all gone through a bang phase, but now bangs are making a comeback in a big way, largely due to the popularity of the Netflix shows Wednesday and Emily in Paris. According to Behind The Chair, their team has already seen an influx of clients wanting to get a fresh new set of bangs inspired by their favourite leading stars.

Why we’re excited:

Bangs can be done in so many different ways, so it’s great that they’re coming back as one of the more popular hair trends of 2023. They’re versatile, can give you a huge update, and are so fun to play around with. If you’re unsure about what style of bangs will best suit your face shape and lifestyle, ask your hairstylist! We’re here to help.

Blunt bob

The blunt bob is one of those hair trends that comes and goes throughout the years. We have a hunch that the blunt bob will be back in 2023 as one of the most desired hair looks. The straight and symmetrical line with no layers or bangs is what this style of bob is famous for. The blunt bob is usually seen with straight hair, but it works well with curly hair too.

Why we’re excited:

There are many reasons to love the blunt bob. It’s a great hairstyle for those wanting a low-maintenance cut because it’s easy to style at home and makes a statement. Getting a blunt bob can also give you fuller and healthier looking hair, and let’s face it — we all want that!

Butterfly cut

The butterfly cut started gaining fame in 2022, and we think it’s destined to be one of the most popular hair trends in 2023. because of how easy it makes achieving that gorgeous Hollywood blowout everyone loves.

Getting a butterfly cut involves combining short layers with long layers to achieve more dimension, movement, and body in your hair. Each layer is typically styled away from your face to add a lot of volume and all the movement. This style is meant to mimic the shape of a butterfly’s fluttering wing, which is how it got its name.

Why we’re excited:

This hair trend makes it so easy to achieve that gorgeous Hollywood blowout everyone loves! It’s also a great way to highlight and contour your facial features because of how each layer frames your face. So if you’re looking to freshen up your hair, try asking for a butterfly cut next time you’re at the salon.

3 hair trends we’re leaving behind in 2022

Money pieces

Money pieces are chunkier face-framing highlights that stand out from the rest of your hair. Typically, people dye money pieces in various shades of blonde, but we’ve also seen some people opt for vibrant colours like orange or red. This 90s trend resurfaced in 2022 through different celebrities like Bella Hadid and Doja Cat.

What to do instead:

With bold money pieces starting to look dated again, we’re recommending you go for something a little more natural-looking. Consider face-framing highlights that blend in with your hair better, or even get all-over highlights!

The middle part

When Gen Z declared side parts out in 2020, many of us started parting our hair in the middle, and we learned to love it. The middle part added a symmetrical appearance to your face since the hair is equally balanced on both sides. It also allowed for some beautiful hairstyles to come out! But the time of “middle parts only” is over.

What to do instead:

Play around with your part and don’t think you need to focus on just one way of parting your hair! We’ll be seeing a resurgence of side parts in 2023, and we’ve already seen this for more glam looks. We’re not leaving the middle part behind completely, we’re just simply saying that you don’t need to commit to either this year. You can use them both, and feel free to switch between the two styles.

Platinum blonde hair

Platinum blonde hair was one of those hair trends that made a huge statement back in 2022. Kim Kardashian debuted her platinum blonde locks at the 2022 Met Gala and we all fell in love with the bold look. But having platinum blonde hair can sometimes be damaging, and it requires a lot of upkeep.

What to do instead:

You don’t have to shy away from blonde hair altogether, but it’s time to bring back warmth and more natural tones! And if you’re ready for deeper tones, we’re seeing a huge trend towards all shades of brunette hair. If you’re unsure, consult your stylist about what colours would best suit you.

New year, new hair

Paying attention to hair trends can give us all some much needed inspo for our hair appointments. But a hair trend is not a command, and trends change all the time. What’s most important is that you do what’s right for you and your hair. Who knows, maybe you’ll even start your own hair trend!

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