‘Tis the season for all the holiday festivities! And while we know that you’re gorgeous no matter what you decide to do with your hair, there’s something so special and festive when you want to spruce your hairstyle up for the holidays. This is a busy time of the year, so we’re focusing on holiday hairstyles that are easy to do at home that will get you ready for all the festive celebrations this season has to offer.

Here are 3 of our favourite festive hairstyles that you can rock during the holidays!

Bedazzled Braids

A low effort, high impact holiday hairstyle? Sign us up. Braids in general are making a huge comeback thanks to the release of the newest movie in the Hunger Games realm, and adding a festive touch to the traditional braid makes this hairstyle perfect for the holidays. Simply braid a string of beads or pearls in with your braid, or use glitter spray along your strands. If you want to adapt this hairstyle to a ponytail, then you can wrap your hair tie with a string of festive beads, or wear a string of pearls like a headband.

A Festive Bow

Perhaps one of the easiest festive hairstyles we’ve seen is taking a hairstyle you already love (like a classic half-up half-down) and adding a bow to it. You can match your bow to your outfit or bring in that holiday flare with a plaid bow. This hairstyle is also incredibly flexible and customizable. You can use a large bow to make a statement, or pepper in small bows. You can use a bow in place of a hair tie for a ponytail, or simply sweep up one side of your hair with it. The possibilities are endless!

Bold & Blingy Barrettes

Hair barrettes go in and out of style, but we’re so happy to see their revival this holiday season! A barrette adds an elevated touch to any look, and is even more customizable than a bow in your hair. We love using a barrette in a simple way: to sweep your hair away from your face. A bold and blingy barrette is so festive, but you can adjust your barrette to match your festivities better if you’re having a more laidback celebration.

Which festive hairstyle are you most excited to try this holiday season? We can’t wait to see it! If you feel like your hair needs a refresh before you experiment with hairstyles, be sure to book an appointment with us ASAP to get in before the holidays. It’s a busy time of year, so book in quickly!

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