Walking blindly into the hair salon for your appointment is one gamble you shouldn’t take because a haircut or hair colour that you aren’t completely in love with can affect you in a powerful way. Typically, most of us have an idea of what we want our hair to look like going into our appointments, but sometimes what seems like a good idea in our heads, doesn’t always translate well in real life.

We wouldn’t want any of our clients to walk away from our hair salon unsatisfied with their new hair, because we take pride in the happiness of every client. To make sure your hair salon experience goes without a hitch and you end up with the hair of your dreams, we’ve put together 5 pro tips for you to know before coming into Clique Organic Salons for your appointment.


Your lifestyle is an important thing to take into consideration when deciding to book a hair appointment. If you have a hectic schedule, you may find it difficult to find the time to give your hair a lot of attention outside of the hair salon. You may also prefer a style that’s more relaxed and requires less effort! If this sounds like you, consider a look that’s more low maintenance, and choose a hairstyle that will still look amazing from just a simple hair wash. Hairstyles that usually require a lot of maintenance are bangs and layers because they need to be trimmed periodically to stay looking fresh.


Every face shape has hairstyles that suit it best. Once you determine what face shape you have, you may gain a better understanding of what specific styles will flatter you the most. The best way to figure out what face shape you have is to look at your jawline. Just remember that if there is a certain hairstyle you really want, despite it not matching your face shape, that’s okay with us as we can adjust the chosen hairstyle to suit you best! These are just general guidelines to keep in mind, and they don’t have to be followed if you have your heart set on a specific style. What matters is that you’re happy with how your hair looks.

It’s also useful to have knowledge about your hair texture before coming into the hair salon, as it plays a significant role in the hairstyle you hope to achieve. It’s important to be realistic about what styles your hair can handle. For example, if you have super curly hair, certain styles may not look the same on you as they would with clients who have incredibly straight hair.

This being said, there are so many gorgeous styles out there for all hair types, and sometimes all it takes is making some small adjustments to the style for it to suit your hair texture. It’s nothing our team can’t handle! Just remember to be realistic with your expectations, and try to find hair inspiration from people who have the same texture as you.


If you’re still unsure about what hairstyle will look best on you, you can always turn to the professionals, aka our team here at Clique Organic Salons! When you book a consultation at our hair salon, you’re guaranteed to gain a better understanding of your hair texture and face shape, as well as get some friendly advice from our knowledgeable stylists about what hairstyle look may work best for you. You can also bring along some inspo photos of hairstyles you would love to try. This gives your stylist a better idea of what you want.

A consultation is also the time to ask questions and clear up any doubts from your mind. Ask about the up-keep of the specific hairstyle you want to determine whether or not it fits with your lifestyle. You can also ask about any terms you’re having trouble understanding. For example, if you’re not entirely sure what a balayage hairstyle is, this is the time to find out! Be certain that you understand what hairstyle you’re asking your stylist for, otherwise you may be disappointed with your finished look because you didn’t fully understand what you were originally requesting.


Deciding to cut the length or change the colour of your hair is a big commitment. If you’re just coming into the hair salon for your periodic trim, that’s less of a commitment because you already have a hairstyle you like and can maintain. However, if you just booked an appointment to change the entire style and look of your hair, be sure you’re ready for that change.

Switching up your hair should be less of a spontaneous decision, and more of a thought out plan to ensure you’re happy with the end results. And while we love embarking on that journey with you of changing your look completely when something else drastically changes in your life, we urge you to truly think this decision through.


When you stop by the hair salon for your appointment, your stylist will ask you questions about your current hair routine. It’s important to be honest about what products you have used in the past, and which ones you still currently use. For example, if you’ve recently used boxed dye or have chemically straightened your hair before, that is something worth sharing with your stylist as it may affect what’s possible to do with your hair in its current form.

We never judge our clients based on the products they choose to use, so don’t be afraid to really open up to us! The reason we ask these questions is because depending on what products you use in your hair at home, we may have to alter what products we use during your appointment to avoid any problems.

Getting a new hairstyle doesn’t have to be stressful or a huge risk. Good communication with your stylist and a clear understanding of what you want will ensure that you have a flawless hair appointment, and that you walk away with a hairstyle you’re proud to show off. We hope you keep these tips in mind when booking your next appointment with us, and that you feel more confident about choosing your next hairstyle. We can’t wait to see you at our new location in the Glasgow Heights Shopping Centre in Kitchener!

Not sure where to go for your next appointment now that we’ve moved? Find our new location on Google Maps. If you need to book an appointment with us, visit our website for our salon hours and phone number. We’ll see you soon!

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