How to have an amazing date with your hair stylist at Clique Organic Salons Kitchener

*Disclaimer – I do not mean a candle lit dinner in the south of France (even though that sounds lovely)*

You and your hair stylist have a relationship! Your relationship goes through stages but no matter what, like all relationships, there are dates – in our case, appointments. Keep reading to find out how to have the best date possible with your stylist!

1. Timing

All great relationships are built on time, and in our case this has two meanings. First off, coming to your appointment on time is essential, not only to your relationship, but also to getting what you want out of your date. Most stylists book in 45 minute intervals. This means that if you come 20 minutes late to your date, they will have to rush to give you everything you want. No one likes the idea of a rushed date.

Second, building a strong relationship with your stylist means building a stronger relationship with your hair. That’s not to say that you need to be in the salon every two weeks – that’s mad! But your stylist will advise the best amount of time between appointments to keep you feeling  your best. That isn’t their love of money, it’s their love of you and your hair!

2. Communication

As cliché as this sounds, communication is the most important part of your happiness! Speaking out about what you loved about your cut, and even possibly what you did not, may be the most important conversation you have in the salon. Maybe even more so than celebrity talk… maybe… But really, your hair stylist loves to hear what you like about your hair and if they care about your relationship, they want to make sure they correct the things you don’t like. You are not hurting their feelings – you are communicating.  

3. Reasonable Expectations

We all understand that in a relationship, we can’t expect to have a ring before month two. The same goes with our hair. If you have been rocking the blunt bang and raven black hair for years, there is no way within two appointments you can have that platinum Instagram picture that has an amazing array of filters attached. Sorry! It’s not that we don’t want to give it to you. It’s just a matter of working on something and getting it perfect or rushing in and ending up in a mess.

4. Body Language is Key

Have you ever heard your stylist say, “OK, uncross your legs and tip your head straight down,” right before starting your haircut? This is just as important as when your friends tell you not to fidget and sit up straight on a date. The closer you are to being still and poised, the better chance your stylist will have cutting your hair the most accurately.

5. Taking Us Home

OK, so I don’t mean actually taking your hair stylist home. Whether it’s a styling tip or a product, taking that little piece of us home with you will make all the difference. It’s like taking your partner home to meet your parents! You’re solidifying that relationship and making it firm, the same as maintaining your blonde hair or your new fringe. If your stylist suggests a purple shampoo or using a flatiron, this isn’t a sales move. They’re trying to solidify your relationship, so not only will you be happy at home but your hair will look its best.

This is your quick and easy guide to not only a happy relationship but also a great relationship with your hair stylist and, most importantly, with your hair. Remember everything in life and hair is about consistency.

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