With 2019 here in its full glory often we feel the need to be apart of the new year, new me, trends. Now although we agree with the need to change things up for a fresh and modern feel, we all have heard of someone making a quick and drastic change to regret it just as quickly.

This is a tiny guide to help navigate you through the sometimes tricky waters of wanting a change but not wanting to go off the deep end.

This year it’s all about one word…


Bangs are quickly becoming the first real trend of 2019!

For a lot of us when we hear the word “bangs” it give us memories of that one time you had bangs and it was not ok!

Here is a fact… bangs are beautiful. There are so many variations on this world that there is truly a style for everyone.

The Curtain Bang


These are described as a soft and wispy fringe that parts in the middle.

This is effortlessly chic and adds an easy softness to the face.

This is a great place to start if you have never had bags they are usually on the longer side and with that offer a lot less commitment


The Blunt Bang


These are strong and dramatic bangs, usually heavy and gracing the brow bone and up to the top for the brow. These are fabulous for adding structure to the face and drawing focus to the eyes

These bangs tend to be a little more maintenance then your average fringe. With the fact that there striking qualities do depend of where the length hits you are looking at being in the salon every 3ish weeks for a trim.


The Side Bang


It’s back! The days of the swept to the side bang have returned! Soft and swoopy many are flocking back to an old favorite.

By far the easiest of the bangs both to style and maintain.


The Curly Bang


Curly Girls fret not! There is a bang just for you! Soft brow bone length layers are stunning to give shape to the face without having to commit to straightening a bang out everyday. Curly bangs are most often light and wispy and require only little maintenance and styling.


The Micro Bang


Not for the weak of heat but truly for those daring or into bold fashion

These are usually short, and we mean short usually sitting around the middle of the forehead or higher.. Choppy and sassy are the best way to describe these bold bangs!

These are up there with the blunt bang in terms of maintenance, daily styling and trims about every three weeks are a must to keep this look fresh and fabulous


But not matter what!

No matter what you choose to do, whether it is soft or bold or nothing at all, talk with you stylist about your lifestyle and facial features and they are sure to help you in the right direction!