Do you enjoy flaunting your flawless hairstyle when you’re fresh out of your stylist’s chair but you struggle to recreate the look yourself? Between the 9-5 and all of our other responsibilities, there is barely enough time to squeeze in the time to learn how to do it.

Sacrificing a few hours of your day will benefit your hair because you will learn the secrets behind a stylish and achievable look for your casual work day or for the nights out on the town.


This blow-dry class is a service offered at Clique Organic Salons to teach clients styling tricks to suit their hair type.

The clients will be guided by a hair professional, helping and correcting to perfect their technique. We believe that practice does make perfect!

Everyone is welcomed to the wonderful class experience and are encouraged to bring own styling tools.
In class, you will be taught how to:

• Put your hair-up
• Curl using a curler
• Straighten hair using a straightener
• Diffuse (for natural curls)
• Understand the different products that are right for your hair

You can’t learn how to style your hair just by sitting in your living room and reading about it, you really need to go in and do it a step at a time.

The next time you flaunt your flawless hair, and someone asks who the hair goddess is? You can reply back with me, myself and I.

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