Drugstore vs. Salon products from Clique Organic Salons in Kitchener

We all know the feeling of leaving the salon with silky, gorgeous hair – but it rarely lasts beyond a few days. That’s because most of us go home and revert back to using drugstore hair products that are lower quality and don’t have the same results as salon products. But when it comes to hair care, it pays to spend a bit more money on the right products.

Salon Products Produce Better Results

There’s a reason that professional hair stylists use the products we use – because they’re better quality and produce better results for our clients! Professional salon products tend to contain gentler cleansers and contain higher levels of ingredients that get results. While they’re definitely a bit pricier than the brands you find in the drugstore, they’re worth it.

Drugstore Brands are Watered Down

Drugstore hair care products are cheaper because they tend to contain more water than higher quality brands. While it may seem like a great deal at the time, drugstore products have lower concentrations of the ingredients you want. Because of this, you’ll likely end up using more. With salon products, the higher concentration of quality ingredients means you can use less product, and you’ll have to replace your bottle of shampoo or conditioner less often.

Salon Products are More Environmentally Friendly

Products that are made cheaply are usually made in conditions that are less than environmentally friendly. Producing these products results in higher energy wasting and more landfill waste. But the product lines we carry at Clique are environmentally conscious and use less plastic and paper and the products themselves are made of organic and sustainable ingredients.

Drugstore Brands are a Shot in the Dark

No matter what the label on the shampoo bottle says, there’s no guarantee that a drugstore brand will give you the results you’re looking for. The salon products that your stylist recommends are based on your hair texture, thickness and lifestyle, so you get a tailored solution for your hair.

Do you know what’s in your hair care products? We do! Visit us Clique Organic Salons in Kitchener and let us help you find the products that are the perfect fit for your hair.