At Clique we are always striving to make people feel special in the healthiest most sustainable way.
So with this we are thrilled to introduce our next step in reducing our salons impact on the world around us…

Welcome the Eco Towel

Now you may be asking yourself what in the world is an Eco Towel?

Well we are glad you asked!

Eco Towels are..

100% biodegradable
Sustainably made from bamboo fibres
7X more absorbent then conventional towels
100% more hygienic then conventional towels

Why we love them!

If the list above is not enough to love let us tell you more…

Clique has been able to reduce our water usage by over 50%! Putting less detergents and cleaning agents into our water system.
With every appointment you go home with your own Eco Towel that has only been used for you!

Why you will love them!

With there soft feel and super-duper absorbent texture
They make drying your hair just a little bit easier reducing styling time
More gentle on curly or fragile hair
No need to worry about staining your home towels with hair color

Now if you don’t want to use it on your hair, worry not there is still much for you to love!
Great to clean mirrors, glass and stainless
Keep in the car for quick clean ups
Let’s not forget our furry family members!

The Eco Towel can be washed and dried up to​ 10 times!
(We suggest if your only using it for your hair to wash about once a week)
Used this way you will never need another towel for your hair ever again!

With it being 100% biodegradable, once your finished with it you can feel good about throwing it away in your recycling or compost.

We can’t wait for you to experience the ECO towel for yourself
Just another reason you can feel great about looking fabulous!

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