Grey blending is one of our favourite hair trends, and one we believe will be around for a very long time. It involves blending your greys with your base colour using cleverly incorporated highlights and lowlights to create a natural and seamless look. It elevates your overall look and helps you age gracefully in a way that feels authentic to you. Can you tell that we’re absolutely obsessed with the concept of grey blending?

One of our favourite things about grey blending is that it’s entirely customizable and unique to you. Grey blending is not a one-size-fits-all, and we can lean on many different techniques to achieve your desired result. It can work on all hair types and hair colours, making it a favourite go-to for clients with greys on their heads. Here’s everything you need to know about grey blending!

How we actually make this happen

There are a few ways we can grey blend your hair, and it entirely depends on the final look you’re going for. If you want to blend your grays while also adding brightness, then leaning into highlights is your best bet. If you want something that has less upkeep and also looks very natural, we love balayage for grey blending. It’s important to mix in lowlights that are about 2-3 shades darker than your base regardless of which highlighting technique you use, as the balance of light and dark is the best way to seamlessly blend your greys. Remember, the goal isn’t to cover your greys, it’s to work with them!

How grey blending is different than grey coverage

Grey blending is all about blending in your greys so they’re less noticeable. Grey coverage is about completely covering your greys so you can no longer see them. While grey coverage has always been a popular choice for our clients who are beginning to see greys, grey blending is a beautiful way to embrace your greys and age gracefully while still having an elevated hair look. Grey blending also requires far less upkeep than grey coverage, as your roots will be much more noticeable with grey coverage. And we all love a lower-maintenance hair colour!

How to care for and maintain your new hair

You want your hair to look and feel its best not just at the salon, but also when you’re back home! There are a few things you should incorporate into your routine to keep your grey blended hair looking gorgeous:

  • Use a hair care system for colour treated hair, like this delicate and nourishing  shampoo and conditioner duo by Kevin Murphy
  • Minimize using hot tools, but if you do, never skip out on a heat protectant like this blowdry lotion by Neuma
  • Include an at-home hair treatment like this moisturizing hair mask by Neuma

Ready to take the grey blending plunge? We’d love to see you! Book with us ASAP.

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