We’re welcoming a new season with new trends, and these Fall 2023 trends may just be some of our favourites! This season is all about low effort and high reward hairstyles, leaning into autumn, and all the hair volume. Inspired by decades past, Fall 2023 hair feels familiar, yet fresh. Here’s what’s trending this season.

The ‘90s Supermodel Cut

Bigger is better for this hair trend since it’s all about strategic layers and a bouncy blowout! Volume is your best friend here. You’ll want all-over layers and face-framing layers for your cut to take the weight out of your hair and create movement. And when you style your hair, you’ll use a round brush to blow dry, and practice setting your hair in rollers.

Need tips on how to blowdry your hair for the best results? Book a blow dry class!

Milk Chocolate Brown 

Looking for the brunette shade of the Fall? It’s milk chocolate brown! It’s flattering for any skin tone and eye colour, plus it feels natural and warm, a perfect combination for the new season. Hair colour as a whole is trending towards warmer shades, so we’re very excited to see chocolate brown pop up more.

Birkin Bangs

Named after Jane Birkin, the woman who also inspired the famous Hermès Birkin Bag, these bangs are anything but boring. With a ‘60s and ‘70s flare, Birkin Bangs are a lighter version of full bangs, with face-framing edges and less hair, to create a more textured and choppy look.

To help you achieve that characteristic Birkin Bang look, use a texturizer that reduces frizz and adds shine.

Butter Yellow Blonde

The blonde shade for Fall 2023? A yellowy blonde! While platinum and even grey-toned blonde still has its place, the trend of the season is to focus on the blonde shade that Pamela Anderson rocked for years. People will be opting for warmer and golden shades as opposed to white and cool blonde, and we’re excited to see the change. But keep in mind, blonde colour like this requires maintenance and the proper products to avoid brassiness. Talk to us about our top tips at your next appointment!

Long & Super Straight Hair

Gone are the days of everyone chopping their hair short. With the rise in popularity of extensions, long hair is back in. Not only is long hair trending, we’re also seeing many people opt for sleeker and straighter hair as opposed to curled or wavy hair.

For healthy looking, sleek hair, you’ll want to introduce a moisturizing hair mask to keep your hair shiny and soft. We love this one as a weekly treatment!

Which trend are you most excited about? Let us know!

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