We’re here for you for all of your haircare needs – including helping you learn to love your natural grey colour! One of the biggest trends emerging from the pandemic is Grey Blending, and it’s a trend that we’ve been so excited about. It’s a great way to blend in your natural grey hair in a way that looks intentional yet natural.

Grey Blending

Grey blending involves seamlessly blending your natural grey or white strands with strategically placed colour to create a more dimensional yet natural look. It’s a celebration of your natural grey without fully succumbing to the journey your hair is on – grey blending is a beautiful in-between!

If permanent hair colour is like full-coverage foundation, then you can think of grey blending as more of a tinted sunscreen or tinted primer. It provides sheer coverage over your white & grey hairs, creating a much softer line of demarcation when your regrowth comes in. It’s a lower maintenance alternative to simply dying all your hair one solid colour – and one that you may even like better.

If you’ve ever seen a celebrity on TV and thought “Wow! Their natural grey is just so beautiful,” then you’re likely looking at a hairstylist’s work of deliberately creating a beautiful and natural grey blend. Achieving stunning grey hair usually requires a little bit of style intervention!

While not all colours are achievable with grey blending, there are shades available for everyone. It’s important to talk to your stylist about what’s achievable with your unique hair.

Other ways to work with your grey

1. Highlights & Lowlights

If you’re ready to say goodbye to an all-over colour but aren’t quite ready to go completely natural or to try grey blending, then playing around with highlights & lowlights is a great option for you. If you need to add a little bit of brightness to your overall look, or add a little bit of pepper to your salt for balance, then highlights and lowlights are the way to go.

This will allow you to add a small percentage of hair colour back to your natural hair without completely relying on the added colour – it’s a blended yet natural look!

2. The “No Hair Colour” Hair Colour

Natural grey hair tends to be a little coarse in texture, so it can appear frizzy and not so shiny. If you want healthier looking hair that looks intentional, but you don’t want to add any colour back to it, then consider the “no hair colour” hair colour treatment. You can soften your natural texture without adding colour – this will make your grey show up in the healthiest and most beautiful way it can. It gives you the opportunity to keep your natural look, just with an upgrade!

3. Toner Treatment

Much like a “no hair colour” hair colour, toners can be used whenever you’re looking to remove some of the effects of environmental pollutants, the sun, and your washing routine. Maintaining greying hair, especially when it goes white, is made easier with toners, so we highly recommend you turn to a toning treatment for that little enhancement that your grey hair is craving.

At Clique, we’re deeply passionate about colour, including all the variations of grey that we see. We want to help you embrace your natural grey and find the beauty in it, and whether that’s through the trendy Grey Blending, or simply with a clarifying Toning treatment, we know that you’ll come to love your grey as much as we do. It’s just another beautiful colour, after all!

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