Growing out your hair from Clique Organic Salons Kitchener

The journey of growing out your hair can be a splendid or horrific experience, and more often than not it is a mixture of the two. To say that it takes determination and willpower is an understatement, but growing out your hair is totally attainable.

The way I see it, you have two choices: taking the highway or the scenic route.

Taking The Highway

This is a method of growing out your hair that means to go long periods of time between your appointments, letting your current style grow without interruption. This is fine but, just like how we consider the 401 to be the fastest way to get somewhere, it is often riddled with accidents and delays. What this means is you could go, go, go, and all of a sudden not be able to cope with your bangs or feel defeated and have an unwanted haircut just to get by. That being said, this in the long run is a lot faster — albeit with the chance of unplanned delay.

Taking The Scenic Route

Much the opposite to the highway, taking the scenic route involves a planned longer journey with stops on the way. This choice will take a little longer to get to your destination but normally it will be a much more beautiful ride. You may enjoy say a short flippy style, a longer bob or shag that you wouldn’t have experienced without having the shape kept up. With pre-planned stops to enjoy different sencery you may even discover something beautiful that you would never have seen otherwise.

As hairstylists we always want our clients to feel beautiful, so I would be lying if I said this was completely unbiased. That being said, there is no right or wrong way when it comes to you and growing out your hair. At the end of the day, you need to be happy and nothing should deter you from this.  

Just like driving, you can always change your route. It’s easy to get off the highway when it feels like it’s too much to handle, the same way that you can always hop on the expressway if the backroads feel too slow.

Whatever road you choose, as long as you follow your heart, and with a little help from your GPS (your stylist) to guide you on this journey, you will get to your chosen destination.

As always, the team at Clique Organic Salons in Kitchener is dedicated to helping you feel and look your best. Contact us today to book your appointment!