Tis the season for holiday parties, time with family, and great hair! Whether you’re celebrating with your loved ones virtually, or throwing a festive soiree, holiday hairstyles are on everyone’s minds. We’re changing out of our loungewear and into our holiday outfits to celebrate the end of 2021 – and at Clique, we’re focusing on the hairstyles that will make you feel the most festive! 

Here’s your guide to holiday hair the Clique way:

‘90s Rachel Hair

What’s old is new again with one of our favourite styles to come back this year – the iconic Rachel from Friends hair has been a popular ask in our salon chairs over the last few months. And for good reason! It feels effortless, suits everyone, and isn’t difficult to achieve! The Rachel hair is all about the blowout, so when styling at home, grab your hairdryer, your round brush, your heat protectant, and give yourself a salon-style blowout. This look can even be achieved with jumbo rollers. If you’re in the salon, then you’re looking for a layered cut with face-framing layers. We’re bringing back the 90s with this hair – and we’re so excited about it for the holidays! 

All the Hair Accessories

The right accessories can change everything. Another nod to nostalgic hairstyles, accessorizing with pieces like scrunchies, pins, and jaw clips will have you feeling ready to celebrate this holiday season. Why we love this holiday hair trend: no specific haircut is needed to use your favourite hair accessory, making it the perfect trend to participate in if you don’t have the time for a salon visit (or even time to style your hair at home).

Old Hollywood Glamour

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s a little more glam, then consider channeling Old Hollywood! The iconic Old Hollywood waves have never gone out of style and are still worn to this day by our favourite celebrities. They make you look especially elegant, and are perfect for the more upscale holiday soirees. Old Hollywood waves are the epitome of romantic hair, so we encourage you to try your hand at creating this vintage look. 

In the spirit of vintage, here’s a vintage illustration that walks you through how to create Old Hollywood waves (or “pin curls”) at home with pins and no heat:

Curtain Bangs

If you haven’t tried this trend yet, it’s time! When we said “what’s old is new again,” we really meant that, so the resurgence of curtain bangs is a surprise to no one. They’re lower maintenance than regular bangs, are really easy to grow out, and work with all hair types. This nod to the ‘60s and ‘70s makes us feel a little sentimental, and so does the holiday season, making this trend perfect to try this month! While we always recommend getting your hair cut by a professional, if you’re finding that the holiday season is just a little too busy to make it out to the salon, there are a few wonderful tutorials on YouTube to walk you through how to cut your own curtain bangs. We’re always happy to fix them for you if there are any mishaps!

The Iconic Bun

Sleek and sexy or wispy and romantic, the bun suits everyone’s face shape! A low bun is the perfect hairstyle when you have back-to-back holiday festivities, and is one of the fastest and most low-maintenance hairstyles you could wear this holiday season. For the perfect bun, dry shampoo and hairspray are your best friends, and don’t be afraid to wear it wish hair that’s not freshly washed – it may even hold better! An intentional bun will elevate any outfit, so if you can tie your hair back in a low pony, then you should absolutely consider a bun this holiday season!

Which hairstyle will you be trying this holiday season? Let us know!

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