Welcome to 2022! While this year has been off to a little bit of a rocky start for those of us in Ontario, a new year usually means setting new goals and looking forward to what’s to come in the next 12 months. We like to use this time to dream, plan, and above all, get organized! And while that can mean thinking big picture, we’re also thinking about hair goals and helping our clients get organized for the year. 

Let’s talk about your schedule.

Have you ever thought about how much time you can get away with between hair appointments? How often should you be coming in for maintenance? And most importantly, do you ever book your appointments ahead of time? 

For us, getting organized in the new year includes booking our beauty appointments out for the year as much as we can. If you enjoy manicures, visit the spa for facials or massages, or want to keep your hair looking its best, consider booking your appointments out ahead of time so that you can guarantee regular maintenance on the things that really do feel like self care. Because we all know that seeing your stylist regularly is good for your mental health.

Grab your planner for 2022, and pencil in the important beauty maintenance dates. Here’s how often you should be coming in for great hair:


The frequency of a haircut varies from person to person, but is usually dependent on:

  1. Your hair length
  2. Your desired style
  3. Your hair health

If you have short hair

The best timeline is anywhere between 1-3 months depending on your hairstyle and how quickly your hair grows. The sweet spot would be about every 6 weeks – so look ahead at your schedule, and reserve your spots with your stylist. This will ensure your hair looks fresh at all times of the month!

If you have medium to long hair

Trimming your hair to rid yourself of split ends is important in keeping your hair looking and feeling healthy. Booking an appointment every 2-3 months to maintain healthy strands is always a good idea. While some clients can go up to 6 months between cuts, we find that hair is usually happiest getting trimmed a little more often. If you’re unsure what’s best for your own hair, speak to your stylist – we’re happy to advise on your unique needs!

Colour Sessions

Whether you do a full dye job or opt for a beautiful balayage, coloured hair needs to be maintained, and always looks its best in its first weeks. The frequency between appointments, as always, depends on your own hair and how it grows, but here’s a rough estimate for you based on our experience:

Root touch-ups

Everyone’s hair grows at a different pace, but we usually suggest about 4-6 weeks between appointments to keep your roots coloured. This frequency keeps your hair always looking fresh without obvious bands of colour showing with every new hair session. When you let your roots grow out too far, you risk having to dye your entire head instead of just the roots in order to achieve a uniform and beautiful look. Coming in for regular root touch-ups can extend the life of your initial colour appointment!

Balayage / Ombre

Both techniques ensure that colour doesn’t go all the way to your roots, allowing you more time in between appointments! While we know some clients try to go up to a year between appointments, we highly recommend coming in every 3-4 months to maintain bright and fresh colour. 

We want your hair looking its best always, because when you look good, you feel good. And you deserve to feel your absolute best! So grab your planner, schedule in your appointments for the year, and sit back and relax. This really is a form of self-care.

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