We’ve all been there, thinking we can achieve salon-quality colour with an at-home solution, or hoping to cover some stray grey hairs with box dye from the local store. And while we love the idea of making things easier and more cost-effective for you, box dye can seriously damage your hair and leave you with colour that’ll take months, if not years, to fix.

But don’t panic! If your hair is box dyed then we can help. Here are some easy to follow tips on how to reverse the damage that box dye can do!

Remove the box dye from your hair

This can be a lengthy process, but it’s essential to remove as much dye from your hair as you can so that you can start fresh. Box dye colour is unpredictable and can negatively impact any colour you’re looking to cover it with, even when you go to the salon. That’s why you need to strip the colour.

Solution 1: hair professionals are professionals for a reason – and they’re your best chance of safely and effectively stripping unwanted colour from your hair. Be aware that you’re unlikely to be able to strip all the colour in one sitting, but you and your hairdresser can devise a plan to get the colour out as fast as possible without irreversibly damaging your hair.

Solution 2: an at-home clarifying system will help speed the process along, and when paired with a good hydrating and damage reversing system, your hair should stay as healthy as it can through the process of removing colour.

Address the damage to your strands

Because box dye is not formulated to the same standard as professional hair colour that salons use, it can actually damage the integrity of your hair and impact its health, even when it’s marked as “moisturizing” or “ammonia free.” If you’re seeing the damaging effects to your hair strands after box dyeing, here’s what you can do:

Solution 1: book a salon appointment for a hair health boost! Clique offers scalp treatments and smoothing + sealing packages to get your hair back to its healthiest level!

Solution 2: use an at-home treatment like a hydrating mask to counteract the damage of box dye.

Embrace a new look

The process of removing box dye from your hair while keeping your hair as healthy as possible is a difficult one, but when you work with a team of hair professionals, it’s a process that’s definitely worth it! While we work to get your hair to its happiest and healthiest, you may need to embrace a new look during the process.

Some things to consider: 

  • Cutting your hair shorter means there’s less damage to address
  • Going for dimensional colour with highlights or balayage can help blend in the areas of box dyed colour and lessen the visual impact
  • Embracing your hair’s natural texture can give your strands a chance to become healthy again because you’ll be avoiding heat styling

Ready to move on from box dye? We’re here for you! Be sure to book an appointment with us to plan out your next steps and get the process started.

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