If there’s one thing we’ve learned about social media over the past few years, it’s that it isn’t a safe place for our wallets. TikTok is one of those apps that has gained the reputation of being a platform of cutting-edge fashion, beauty tips, and viral hair trends. You can’t scroll through the app without finding at least one new product you want to buy every single day, especially when that product goes viral. When most of the world is using the same product, or taking part in the same trend, it’s only natural for the rest of us to want to join in! So that leaves us with the question of whether or not all these hair trends and products are worth trying. Let’s find out which viral trend is actually hurting your hair, rather than helping it. 

Olive Oil Soak

This hair trend quickly became viral because many people believe that soaking your hair in olive oil can give you shiny, non-frizzy locks. From the different videos we’ve seen, some people leave their hair to soak overnight, and others soak their hair just before their regular shower. If you ask the internet, olive oil is the holy grail for hair. It’s rumoured to help with hair growth, shine, breakage, and softness. Before you run to your kitchen and pour the entire bottle of olive oil onto your head, let’s talk about whether or not this trend is actually helping your hair.

While olive oil does have many beneficial properties, it’s definitely not for everyone. Adding olive oil into your hair routine can seal moisture into the hair fiber, reducing breakage and frizz. However, olive oil is only really beneficial for thick or coarse hair because thin hair gets weighed down easily by oil treatments. That being said, oil treatments should never be used on your actual scalp because they can promote dandruff and infections. 

The olive oil trend is okay for when you’re in a pinch and really need a hair treatment. It’s not the worst thing to put in your hair, but it definitely isn’t something every hair type can use. Instead, we recommend coming into the salon for a custom treatment or trying out the neuMoisture Argan Oil we sell. It’s lightweight, good for any hair type, and works to nourish, and defrizz your hair. Once you try this product, you won’t even think about using olive oil again. Trust us!

Heatless Hair Curlers

We can bet that you’ve seen these heatless curlers all over your social media! If you haven’t, check out this video so you’re caught up on the recent trend that’s taking over the hair industry. The ones we’re referring to are the Willbond CurlFormers. We love the idea of a no-heat hairstyle, especially since heated hair tools cause damage to our beautiful locks without the proper pre-care. But are these heatless hair curlers safe to use on your hair? Typically, most of these heatless curlers need to stay in your hair overnight to properly work. So, while it’s safe to assume that doing this could cause breakage as you move around in your sleep, that’s not exactly the case! 

Some overnight heatless curlers leave your hair exposed, putting you at risk for breakage and frizz during the night. The Willbone CurlFormers would cause less damage because you put the sections of your hair inside each CurlFormer like a sock. Since your hair stays inside the CurlFormer, it’s not exposed to as much breakage. Before you go and make these your new favourite hair styling tool, you might want to keep reading! 

Overnight hair curlers need to be used on wet hair, which isn’t exactly the best thing to do to keep your hair healthy. When your hair stays wet for a long period of time, each strand swells up and the water puts pressure on the protein that keeps your hair nice and strong. In more serious cases, prolonged wet hair can cause fungal infections, which we would never want for your hair! We understand the convenience of the overnight hair curlers, but we wouldn’t recommend making it a habit. Tools that work best with wet hair should only be used every once in a while if necessary. If you do plan to use overnight curlers, we encourage you to use a leave-in protectant spray on your damp hair to hydrate, protect, and repair. We love using the neuMoisture Instant Fix spray at our salon!

Clarifying Hair with Scissors

This trend has us the most concerned, and if you haven’t heard about it, take a minute to watch one of the videos that was taking over social media last year. The theory is that certain products can cause build up on your hair, which creates that dull appearance no one wants. They say that in order to remove it, you should scrape it off with a pair of scissors to keep your hair looking its best. We’re here to tell you that this trend is absolutely not helping your hair, and here’s why: it’s not product build up you’re finding, it’s the hair cuticle, which is the protective and most important layer of your hair. By scraping it off, you’re actually promoting frizzy, weak, and lackluster hair.

In order to keep your hair looking amazing, we suggest avoiding this trend at all costs. If you’re concerned about dull looking hair, schedule a visit with us for a consultation and a service. We’ll refresh your hair, and give you advice on how to care for your particular hair type at home. 

We understand the temptation of wanting to try all these viral trends, especially when it comes to beauty. We all want our hair to look its best, but sometimes it’s better to leave it to the hair experts. If you have any questions about the health of your hair, or need guidance on what you can do to take better care of your gorgeous locks, schedule an appointment with us! We can’t wait to help you along your hair journey. 

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