Layers from Clique Organic Salons in Kitchener
A quick guide to understanding exactly what your hairstylist is talking about when it comes to layers.

Layers are an amazing way to add shape, volume and interest into your hairstyle. But there are so many things to consider: short? Long? How many? Most of this depends on your preference and personal style, but I will give you one hairstylist’s opinion — mine!

What are layers?

Layers are used to create interest and volume in the hair. More specifically, they are traditionally shorter than the overall length of the hair.

What are the different types of layers?

Face-Framing Layers

Just as it sounds, these layers frame the face, but there are many things to consider here. Do you like your kaw? Do you wear your hair up a lot? In my opinion, most (but not all) hair cuts require some face-framing layers to open up the face and add effortless style. The most important thing to consider is if they are right for you.

The length of the shortest piece of your face-framing layers will determine what your focus feature will be. For example, if the shortest part of you face-framing layers sits at the jawline, you will visually emphasize the jaw area. For some, this can sound terrifying, but not for all. If you are more slight in the jaw area, this is an easy way to add proportion. If left longer, it can visually lengthen or shorten the neck.

That being said, if your main concern is getting your hair back into a tight, low ponytail, short, face-framing layers may do well for your face shape but be a nuisance every morning.

Interior Layers

Where face-framing layers are the perimeter of your haircut that frame the face, interior layers are all of the layers that are within the perimeter. These layers dictate the overall body, shape and sometimes, manageability of your haircut.

With this, I will touch on the toughest conversation a stylist will have when it comes to layers: the question of how many? You don’t necessarily want to be able to count the number of layers in your hair. They should have a seamless graduation and flow from short to long, rather than unwanted heaviness and “steps” cut into your hair.

With that cleared up, having short or long layers is a matter of preference in the way you like to wear your hair. Shorter layers can provide additional lift and volume, where longer layers can add soft movement or create the illusion of weight.

The appearance of short or long layers will vary in terms of the overall length of the hair. Short layers on shoulder length hair will look considerably different than on longer hair.

Long or short layers can be an important part of creating your hairstyle. Talk with your stylist about whether to incorporate layers into your life.

There is also the chance that layers may not be for you, and there is nothing wrong with this! All hair is beautiful and it’s a personal choice that involves talking with your hairstylist to navigate these waters and truly find out what is right for you.

If you’d like to talk to one of our talented stylists about whether layers are right for you, contact the team at Clique Organic Salons in Kitchener and set up an appointment.