You’ve probably heard a lot of questionable things involving your hair over the years — “if you cut your hair frequently, it’ll grow fast” and “conditioner will make your hair greasy” are two that have been around for decades. Some of these myths have been passed around for so long that we’ve started to accept them as facts. There’s a lot of guidance on the internet about how you should care for your hair, but trust us when we say, there’s a lot of fake information out there too! To help you separate fact from fiction, we’re exposing some of the most common hair myths, starting with one of the most widely believed ones.

Myth #1: Cutting your hair frequently will make it grow faster

We hear this one a lot! Many people believe that a trim every 4 to 6 weeks can help you grow your hair out faster, but that’s just not the truth. The reality of this is that your hair grows from the roots, and your roots are at the top of your head. Sorry to say, but cutting the ends of your hair often won’t affect how fast your gorgeous hair grows. What that regular trim will actually do is create healthier hair by chopping off all those dead ends. It’ll give your ends the fresh start they deserve and even make your hair appear longer since the ends won’t constantly be breaking off! So, those regular trims are definitely still important, even if your hair doesn’t technically grow faster because of them. If you’re wanting to grow your hair out faster, check out our latest blog post for the ultimate guide to growing out your hair!

Myth #2: Constant hair washing can cause damage

Ever hear someone tell you not to wash your hair every single day? Or maybe you’ve noticed the dry shampoo obsession going around social media lately. Yeah, that’s because of this myth right here! We’re here to say that this one is only partly true. How often you wash your hair should really depend on your lifestyle, hairstyle, and most importantly, your hair type. If you wash your hair every day or even multiple times in the same day, you do run the risk of stripping the natural oils in your hair needed to keep it healthy. So, by overwashing your hair, you’re getting rid of the natural oils your scalp produces to keep your hair healthy – you may not be directly damaging it, but you’re definitely limiting your hair’s chances at being its healthiest!

When in doubt, follow this rule: if your hair is oily at the roots, wash it. If not, wait a day or two. We always encourage our clients to wash their hair with products designed for their specific hair type to help nourish and protect your beautiful locks. If you want to learn more about your hair type, book a haircut with us. With every appointment, we give you an in-depth consultation where we talk about your desired style, your hair type, and general advice on how to make the most out of your hair!

Myth #3: Air drying your hair is better than blow drying it

This myth is tricky! Both methods of drying your hair are technically not great. You’re usually warned against blow drying your hair daily, but letting your hair air dry every day can surprisingly also damage your hair! Using your hair dryer causes damage to the hair’s surface if you use it on high heat, but letting your hair dry naturally has been proven to cause damage within your strands too.

When your hair is exposed to water for long periods of time, each strand swells up and the water puts pressure on the necessary protein needed to keep your hair nice and strong. While drying your hair on high heat is proven to damage your hair, especially when you’re not using a heat protectant, air drying can be leading to hair damage too!

Don’t worry though, you’re not doomed to have horrible hair. We would never let that happen! Instead, we suggest you use your blow dryer on the coolest setting, holding it at least 6 inches away from your hair for the ultimate protection. Make sure to keep moving it and not focus too much on one spot to avoid any damage! We also recommend you use a heat protectant when drying your hair, and we’re happy to carry a collection of heat protectant products that you can choose from! You can shop our selection online by clicking here. If you’re not feeling comfortable with your blow-drying skills, we’re happy to show you in our salon.

So there you have it! There’s a lot of wrong information out there, so be careful what you believe. If you’re wanting to take your hair game to a new level, talk to the professionals! Here at Clique Organic Salons, we’re here for you and are happy to give you the advice you need to reach your hair goals. Call or visit our website to book an appointment!

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