Neuma argan oil treatment hacks from Clique Organic Salons in Kitchener

Welcome to our new blog series, Product Hacks! We’ll be sharing our favourite ways to use your favourite products that you might not be aware of! First up, we’re talking about Neuma Argan Oil Treatment.

Strengthen & Revitalize

Neuma Argan Oil Treatment’s restorative formula absorbs instantly to revive, strengthen and return shine. This non-greasy formula aids in styling by helping to reduce blow dry time, and leaves hair smooth and silky with brilliant shine. It contains an enriched formula with UV Guard™ which provides humidity resistance and UV protection.

We thought we’d mention the 200ml size of this product is on sale for $37.12 plus tax until August 31st! (That’s 25% off… Just saying!)

So let’s break it down…

The Basics

  • Fragrance Free.
  • A proprietary blend of certified organic plant extracts enhance depth of tone, reflectivity and colour vibrancy.
  • Essential oils shield colour from UVA, UVB oxidation and fading.
  • Rose Hips Fruit Extract –  Soothes and softens hair.
  • Apricot Kern Oil – Helps smooth cuticle and control flyaways while conditioning and adding shine.
  • Green Tea Extract – Conditions hair.
  • Shea Butter – Adds moisture and helps smooth hair.
  • Helps reduce drying time by 25%.

Based on these factors, we’re sure you can see why it’s a fantastic product! Even better when its on sale, right?!

Now for the fun stuff…

How To Use Neuma Argan Oil Treatment

  1. Apply a few drops directly to your face for an amazing hydrating glow enhancing primer.
  2. Add one drop ( and we mean ONE drop) to liquid foundation to help add glow and improve glide.
  3. Use 3-5 pumps in your bath water (yes, you read right: bath water!) for an intensely nourishing and hydrating bath. Disclaimer: oil baths, while lovely, can be very slippery! Please be careful getting in and out of the tub!
  4. Apply a few drops to a pump on the cuticles and hands this will help soften the cuticle and encourage nail growth, while keeping the nail itself hydrated.  
  5. Apply a few drops to areas with stretch marks to help reduce over time.

If you notice a theme here, it would be to only use a couple of drops to a pump of product on the face and body. Like most oils, a little goes a long way! For most hair types a pump will be plenty for the midlength and ends!

With its proprietary blend you are getting some well-rounded benefits of this treatment oil. As always, we suggest talking to your stylist if this product is right for you and your hair.

But now until the end of the month would be an amazing time to pick this product up at this special price of $37.12!

A beautiful product at a beautiful price!

All the better to add to your beauty routine.