The truth about organic hair colour from Clique Organic Salons Kitchener

At Clique Organic Salons, we believe that healthy, beautiful hair starts with the right products. Whether it’s shampoo, conditioner, treatments or even dyes, what you put in your hair has a huge impact. Chemicals, synthetic fragrances and other ingredients in hair products can make your hair unhealthy, dry and brittle.

Myth #1: Organic Hair Colour is Dull

While organic hair products are becoming more and more popular, there are still some common misconceptions about certain organic products. There is a belief in the beauty community that organic hair colour isn’t as strong as other colouring products, resulting in a dull, barely-there look.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, organic hair colour produces some of the most vibrant colours imaginable. Whether you’re looking for natural colour like brown or blonde, want to switch up your look with balayage highlights, or even want to try out one of those stunning fashion colours, organic hair colour can produce any look you want and produce a more authentic colour.

Myth #2: Organic Hair Colour Fades Fast

Think organic hair colour washes out, like semi-permanent dye? Because of the way that organic hair colour is made, it doesn’t damage the outer most layer of the hair. The colour is then able to have a tighter seal on your hair and the colour molecules won’t fall out. The result? Incredibly long-lasting colour and shiny, healthy-looking hair that rivals that of any other traditional colour system.

Myth #3: It’s Still Not That Good for You

Even with the long-lasting nature of organic hair colour, it’s far less damaging than other colour treatment systems. Organic hair colour is ammonia-free, which is one of the more damaging ingredients in hair dyes. Ammonia can also affect more than just your hair. You breathe in the gases as you’re having your hair coloured, and it seeps into the pores in your scalp – both of which are incredibly harmful.

Get the look you’ve always dreamed of with organic colour at Clique Organic Salons! Our talented team will work with you to create the look and colour you love.