This one sounds like a slightly funny & misplaced segment to a refresher guide to the holidays, but it is truly the most important place to start!

With so many things on the go during the holidays it’s easy to forget about ourselves and although this is a hair based guide, we truly mean to look at pre-booking anything from a massage to a dinner with friends! This time of year is usually the busiest for everyone.This will keep you calm cool and collected in the months ahead!

Now that you have the next two months booked and you know how when the parties are and when your hair appointments will be let’s talk refresh…

Refreshing your hair is an easy way to make a simple touch up appointment into something fabulous! Below will be a quick guide on turning up the volume on your style this winter!

Glossy Glazing

Picture it! You are standing in a french patisserie, staring down a case of beautiful confections and then like its fate your eyes land on the gorgeous glossy coating of a beautiful fruit tart…. Sounds amazing right? Now picture your hair with that same amazing shine!

If you’re in love with your color and just need a boost glazing is a perfect way to bring your hair color back to life. This can be done at the chair during your color service or at the sink before any haircut! Glazing is also perfect for brightening reds, softening blondes and renewing brunettes!

Dimensional Moments

Fall and winter are our darkest seasons, not just from the cold and snow but also with the lack of sunshine. This can alter our mood and out outlook and may make us in desperate need for a pick me up!

Do it with dimension! Adding a sprinkle of lightness or depth to brighten or a pop of something fun! There are many ways to just add a little something something to completely change your mood / outlook on your hair and overall look!

Breezy Blowouts

Ok its party time! Don’t have it in you to do your hair? Let us!

Doesn’t matter if you are going to dinner or going to a New Year’s Eve gala. Sometimes we just can’t be bothered with out own hair! Clique has you covered! Up or down, curly or straight we are here for you.

Ask your stylist about in salon treatments to give you an easier, less frizzy blow out!

…Two Words…
Dry Shampoo!

In life there are only so many things that you can count on no matter what!

Dry shampoo would absolutely be one!

Let’s talk about the reNeu Dry Shampoo

Refreshed and ready in seconds! Natural powders of rice and tapioca starch absorb excess oil, neutralize odors while creating light volume and Itch-free formula.

Zero Powdery Residue.

Talc Free.

Aluminum Free.

Artificial Fragrance Free.


Get all the rewards with none of the sacrifices!

The holidays can be stressful so come in sit back, relax with a tea or latte (or both!) and let us get you ready with none of the worry!

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