You work really hard Mondays to Fridays and you finally save up for that dream destination. Travelling to a new country is super exciting and can be life-changing for us. Preparing and planning for a trip on the other hand is quite the stressor. Thinking of what to bring and what not to bring can be mind boggling. Trying to find that middle line of not under packing and over packing can be a difficult process.

When it comes to your hair, you want your hair to look effortlessly fabulous and you want to do so by packing as lightly as you can. Honestly, thinking about it, who wants to spend hours doing hair on vacay anyways?

We got you covered with our savvy travelling hair guide.

Pack Smartly

A travel size shampoo and conditioner are obviously a must but you want to stay away from the cheap brands from the travel section of your local store.

Instead, you can buy empty travel size bottles at your local store. This way you can fill them up with the shampoo and conditioner you already use at home.

Another travel hair tip is to never use hotel or Airbnb products on your hair because the products at the hotel are not diversified for you hair needs.

Be Aware

Be attentive to the specific climate you are about to travel to. Packing products according to the temperature will save you from having a bad hair day on vacation.

If you are travelling into a cooler season, then you would want to make sure you have products that will moisturize your hair. Hair becomes dryer in the colder weather. Bringing a hydrating hair mask along for the ride is exactly what your hair will need to maintain the moisture.

The warmer areas like beaches and resorts require more products geared towards taming frizzy locks and protecting hair from the sun’s powerful rays. Therefore, you want to pact protective sun oil. Alongside the sun, there is the subject of being exposed to chlorine and salt water which can cause massive amounts of build up in your hair. A clarifying shampoo (best to choose a shampoo that sulfate-free) to break through the grit and build up with aid hair to feel healthy.

Become a Conditioner Queen

Travelling causes you to be exposed to many different kinds of things. One particular necessity is what we use every single day, and that is water. The hotel or Airbnb you are staying will not have the same water your hair is being washed at home.

Become a conditioner queen and condition like mad on vacation. Use a cleansing conditioner to maintain the longest lasting hair colour and moisture.

It comes in handy to purchase a small notebook to write your list of hair products to pack with you. This way you will not forget anything and then be forced to use crappy items on vacation.
If you happen to be unsure of what to bring with you, stop into Clique Organic Hair Salons and they will be happy to recommend what products will be best for your hair.

Happy hair travelling beauties!

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