In style vs. on trend from Clique Organic Salons Kitchener

A new year often comes with a desire for change, whether it’s getting in shape and getting healthier or revamping yourself with a new look. At Clique Organic Salons, we often have clients who come into our salon in the New Year looking for a trendier, hipper look to help them greet the new year.

It’s easy to get “trendy” and “stylish” confused, but it’s important to note that they’re two very different things. Here are a couple of things to consider before undergoing a dramatic and trendy haircut so that you can stay fashionable without succumbing to a bad cut.

Will this haircut suit my lifestyle?

Are you someone who is constantly on-the-go? Do you need a low-maintenance cut that only takes you about five minutes to style in the morning? If this sounds like you, then may want to reconsider anything overly trendy as it could mean a lot of extra work as well. Anything that involves an asymmetric shape or that needs to be straightened or curled every day can have a big impact on your schedule, so make sure you know how much work is involved before getting the cut.

Will this haircut suit the shape of my face?

We’ve all been there: browsing Pinterest for the latest hair styles, only to fall in love with a style that’s completely wrong for your face shape. Generally, we like to follow these simple rules for face shape:

  • Round face: short pixie cuts, medium-length layered bobs, long cuts with barely-there layers
  • Heart face: tousled pixie cuts, shoulder-length bobs with bangs, long cuts with lots of layers
  • Long/oval face: blunt bobs, sleek medium-length blowouts, long cuts with side-swept bangs
  • Square face: short, layered bobs with bangs; light, shoulder-length layers with sweeping bangs; long cuts with a slight, longer bang

If you’re not sure what your face shape is, your stylist can help.

Will this haircut work for my hair’s natural texture?

Even if you’re willing to spend lots of time styling your hair every morning with your new cut, you should still take your hair’s natural texture into account when choosing a new style. Consider how thick or thin your hair is, as well as whether it’s naturally curly, wavy or straight. Your hairstylist can help you figure out what your hair’s natural characteristics are, and help you choose a hairstyle that will work for you.

Will I need to stock up on dozens of new products?

In addition to requiring some possible extra maintenance in the mornings, a new, trendy haircut that’s a total change from what you currently have could mean spending hundreds of dollars on new hair products. Consider whether you’re ready to invest money into your new haircut and whether it’s worth that investment. Keeping a trendy haircut maintained could involve mousse, gels, curling enhancers and dozens more products that you may need to buy in order to keep it looking good.

At Clique Organic Salons, our team of talented hairstylists is here to help you choose the perfect haircut for you. If you’re looking for a change but are unsure what you should do with your hair, we’d be happy to help! Book your appointment or consultation today.