A new season means new trends, and we’re very excited about these summer-friendly hair trends we’ve seen gaining momentum and popularity. The summer 2023 hair trends are all about ease, warmth, and keeping you cool. And while we don’t believe that you need to hop on every trend simply because it’s trending, we do encourage you to give seasonal trends a try so that you can experiment and find new things you may love!

Here’s what’s trending this summer:

The Ballerina Bun

Whether you’re looking for a sleek and elevated hairdo, or simply a quick style that keeps hair away from your face and neck, the ballerina bun is for you. This style is making a huge comeback alongside the “ballerinacore” trend that popped up in 2023, and it emphasises a clean and feminine style.

A ballerina bun is easy to do, which makes it a favourite for a busy summer. The key is to not style your bun at the nape of your neck, but rather, position your bun by following the natural contour of your cheekbone, or opt for a top knot instead. EIther option ensures that your hair is being kept off your neck, which will keep you cool and sweat free in the hot summer sun.

You can choose to let tendrils naturally frame your face, or sleek your hair back and keep it in place using the neuStyling Firm Hold Gel.

Warm Brunette Colour

The temperature is not the only thing heating up this summer: so is the newest hair colour trend! While many clients love to go blonde for the summer, there’s been a huge push towards brunette hair, specifically a warmer brunette colour. Bordering on red, celebrities and influencers alike have been sporting warmer and more saturated brown tones this season.

The Tousled ‘90s Updo

Have you noticed all things ‘90s coming back in the last few years? Some hairstyles aren’t exempt from the resurgence in popularity. The tousled ‘90s updo has been seen on red carpets as a fancier hairdo, and even out and about on women sporting athleisure. It’s become a universal hairstyle that’s simple to achieve with the use of your favourite claw clips or barrettes.

If you have bangs or shorter layers in the front, consider leaving these strands out of your updo for a more tousled and relaxed look. This updo also works well with hair that has a natural curl or wave to it, allowing you to embrace your curls this summer and stay away from damaging heat styling tools!

Which trend are you most excited about? We can’t wait to find out! Be sure to book with us if you’re looking for a cut or colour change, or if you’d love to learn more about how to style your hair like an expert.

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