When I was young I was obsessed with fashion, makeup and hair. The passion that drew to me the most was becoming a hairstylist. I was always surrounded by hairstylists growing up because my mom and my two aunts were hairstylists. My dream to become a hairstylist grew stronger whenever I got to visit the salon where my mom worked. In the salon I would pretend to be one of the stylists by helping sweep, talking to the clients and by eating all the lollipops since I was still young.

After high school I took a few years off to save up so I could pursue my dream in hair into reality. I attended the Voila Institute of Hair Design and I graduated in the summer of 2016. Now I am an eager apprentice excited to better my skills in the trade of hair. Also I am a trend setter in fashion and I can’t wait to be a trend setter in the hair industry. I have a bubbly go getter personality and I love to put a smile on all my clients faces.