A new year is here and we’re so excited about everything that 2024 will bring in the world of hair. Trends come and go, but a new year is always the best time to see what’s in and what’s out so you can start the year off on your best foot. And while it’s always most important for you to focus on what you love for your hair and not what’s trending, it can be fun to see what’s in and what’s out as you celebrate the start of the year.

2024 is all about low maintenance hair and leaning into warmth. Trending hairstyles are softer and bouncier. This is the year of focusing on your hair health and playing around with different cuts and styles to find what you love most.

Here’s what’s in and what’s out for hair in 2024!


The Kitty Cut

If the shaggy bob had a more refined older sister, this would be it. A kitty cut is a layered long bob that’s not as sleek as a regular or blunt bob, and not as messy as a shaggy mullet that saw its revival in 2023. One of the reasons we love this trend for 2024 is that it’s the ultimate versatile haircut. You can style it with a side or middle part, curl it or have blowout waves, or even wear your natural texture with it if you’re a curly girl. A universally flattering haircut if we’ve ever seen one!

Eyelash Bangs

This one’s for all of you out there who’ve been toying with the idea of getting bangs. Unlike the curtain bangs that we’ve been seeing in our chairs for years, eyelash bangs are straight, whispy, and sit over your eyes. They’re long and very sleek, and a modern update on bangs. And because they’re meant to be kept long, you can easily grow them out when you’ve decided you’re not interested in having bangs anymore.

Warm, Honey Hues

Ready for a haircolour update to bring your hair into 2024? Warm honey is here to stay for a very long time! It’s classic, gorgeous, lower maintenance, happy, and bright – a perfect combination. You can go with an overall colour change, a subtle balayage, or warm highlights. But if you’re looking for even more dimension to your warmer colour, light and creamy blond highlights will pair well.


Blunt Bob

While blunt bobs are never truly out, 2024 is about softer hairstyles, so the bluntness is being favoured less and less in our chairs. Clients are favouring more layers, movement, and a more lived-in look for their hair. And if you currently have a blunt bob but want to soften up your look without getting a new cut, tousled waves look fantastic with this type of haircut. 

Bold Chunky Highlights

If you’re looking for a low maintenance colour and style in 2024, then bold and chunky highlights aren’t for you. This style’s been phasing out over the last while, but we think that this year we’ll finally see the last of it for a majority of our clients.

Platinum Blonde

Who doesn’t love a good blonde? And while platinum blonde and even ashy blonde are still beautiful options that we’re sad to see go, we know that more and more of our clients are warming up their hair. If you’re still wanting to stick to blonde hair, try opting for a warmer shade or a subtle balayage.

Ready to change your hair for the new year? We’d love to see you! Book with us ASAP.

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