Hello! My name is Becky. I am a young hair and make-up artist graduated recently from a beauty school, Voila Institute.
My interest for hair and make-up started at a young age. I began to learn how to make hair by braiding my own hair, which was a bit hard to handle and no one was really brave to try it. So I decided to teach myself and to be creative. Once I became a teenager, I was already able to style not only my own hair but my friends’ hair as well. I developed many skills for braids, cornrows, and hair extensions.
I also lived in Italy, the City of Fashion, for 10 years where my passion for beauty industry increased greatly. As I came to Canada, my first desire and goal was to attend beauty school and learn more about this profession/passion. Through these couple of years, I have greatly enhanced my skills in this field. I am happy of where I am today, and I am looking forward for an amazing journey in this career.