Jordan Pfaff grew up in the town of New Hamburg as a creative, artistic and spiritual individual as the eldest of three sisters. Her passion for the arts and love for creating led her to a career path in the Graphic Design industry which she followed for five years. However, unfulfilled as a designer, she decided she needed a change and followed her childhood dream of becoming a Hairstylist.

Jordan mends the technical detail of design with her natural born passion for hair to create artistic and creative styles. Her love for learning leads her to continuously seek and acquire new techniques and skills to better serve her clients. It is her upmost priority to put fourth great care towards each and every person who sits in her chair. Jordan keeps a glowing and upbeat attitude and takes great pride in her work; brightening someone’s day and catering to their needs and desires is something she loves most about her day in the salon. She believes that hair presents infinite possibilities that allows Jordan to apply her unique and creative talents while spreading positive vibes and good energy to the people around her.