Hi, I’m Livia and I’m the newest addition to the Clique Organics team. I began my journey in hair 8 years ago, when I was just a little 8 year old girl. My mom always used to do my hair as a child and one day I wanted to figure out how to do it myself. So, I took to YouTube and began learning and haven’t stopped since.
There was always something that fascinated me about hair, and how you could change someone’s entire day by transforming their appearance. The idea that you could have a job where you could combine artistic creativity, science, and people sounded so perfect to me, that I instantly knew this was the industry I was supposed to be in.
I’m ambitious and always strive to learn more and be better than I was yesterday. Even though I’m still a few years from being in the professional industry, I’m still so excited to meet each and every client, and make their experience at Clique Organics even better than the last.