The Best Hair Colours of the Season

When the coldest months of the year start coming, we tend to gravitate towards everything warm: cozy nights in, hot drinks, and even warmer hair colour. Every season has its colour trends, but the hair colour trends of this Fall season might just be our favourites! With richer tones and deeper shades, how can we not be obsessed?

Our clients have been loving warming their hair up for the Fall, and as we head into winter, we’re seeing less new blondes, and more clients go darker. Here are the most popular hair colours of Fall 2023.

Brownie Batter Brunette

A low maintenance client’s dream, Brownie Batter Brunette is the ultimate Fall hair colour! With deep chocolate tones, delicate dimension, and face-framing highlights, this balayage is a popular ask this time of year. And we can’t complain, we love this hair colour as much as our clients do!

Ruby Red

For clients who love vibrant and captivating colours, Ruby Red is the way to go. With deep red hues and hints of cherry and burgundy tones, this colour can be done all-over, or mixed up with highlights. It’s a daring colour choice, but one that really warms up the season. We love seeing our clients go red!

Cowboy Copper (also known as Cowgirl Copper)

Would you believe us if we said that this hair colour is inspired by natural leather? With a blend of warm brown tones and copper tones, Cowboy Copper is a sophisticated take on copper hair. It’s warm, a little golden, and super versatile because it suits multiple skin tones and is easy to customize. Even celebrities like Hailey Bieber are loving it, and it’s trending all over TikTok!

With the holidays very quickly approaching, we’re getting busier and busier. If you’re looking for a refreshed look for the winter months, or just need regular upkeep, we encourage you to book your appointment ASAP. It’s our busiest time of the year!

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