As we step into a new season, everything changes — beauty trends, our skincare routines, and the way we dress! But what about our hair? With the start of a new season, many people want something fresh done to their hair, and they become inclined to book an appointment at their favourite hair salon. And if that’s us – we can’t wait to see you! We always recommend that our clients regularly come in for a trim or cut to maintain their hair’s health, and now that winter is over, it’s the perfect time for that trim or cut!

Now, we can bet that you’ve definitely asked these questions once or twice while sitting down for your hair appointment: “What’s the difference between a trim and a regular cut?” and “Is a trim cheaper than a cut?” They’re fair questions, and there’s a reason a lot of our clients ask them. The difference is known to hairdressers, but clients may get a little confused. If you find yourself wondering whether you need a trim or a full blown haircut, don’t stress! We’re breaking it down for you and explaining the difference.

What counts as just a trim? 

A trim can be different for everyone, which is why we always ask our clients to show us how much they want to cut off when they sit down in our chairs. For the most part, a trim is just maintaining a style and shape you already have by chopping off an inch or two from the ends of your hair. If you want to freshen up your previous haircut without drastically changing the existing style and length, a trim is perfect for that. We recommend scheduling an appointment for a trim every 8-16 weeks! However, if you have significant damage on your ends, then a trim may not be enough to freshen your hair.

What counts as a haircut?

A haircut is when you change the entire style and shape of your hair in one appointment. If you’re wanting to chop your long hair into a cute little bob, that counts as a haircut. Essentially, a haircut is anything that’s more drastic than a trim. If you’re using this new season as an excuse to make some changes in your life, maybe a haircut is just what you need! If this sounds right up your alley, we recommend scheduling one every 3-4 months. Some clients like to come every 6 months, but we always find that the more often you cut your hair, the happier and healthier it is! Plus, 6 months is a long time to not change up your style, so if you like to keep things fresh, come by more often!

Is a trim cheaper than a cut?

This is a question we get often from our clients. It’s easy to assume that since, in theory, we’re cutting off less hair than a regular cut, the service should be cheaper. What you might not know is that while a trim does mean you keep more of your length, it still follows the same process as a cut. 

Both services are in-depth, and we take as much care with a trim as we do with a haircut.! For both, we go through a detailed hair consultation with you so that we’re on the same page, we wash and section off the hair in detail, and we cut all hair to your desired length and style. We also include a styling at the end of the appointment, so the only difference between a haircut and a trim is whether you’re changing up your style and if you’re looking for a considerable amount of length off the ends. The work we put in is the same, and the happiness you walk out of the salon with is also the same!  You’re not only paying for the lovely cut and trim we give you, but for the amazing products we use in your hair, and the time it takes to make sure you get the perfect look, too. 

Though we all like to say “just a trim,” the reality is that we’re refreshing your hair with the same amount of love and care as we do with a haircutting appointment.

Come book with us!

At the end of the day, our goal is to help you achieve your hair goals, and to help you really love your hair. We want you to leave our salon happy, always! This is why it’s always important for you to explain what you envision for your hair to your stylist, so there is no confusion. We always recommend bringing an inspo photo (or a few!) to help us understand exactly what you want. We’re always happy to give you ideas once you’re at the salon too, and we’ll be sure to give you our expert recommendations so that you’ll be in love with your hair — whether you came in for a haircut, or just a trim! All of our appointments begin with an in-depth hair consultation, where we help you discover your ideal style. Call to book yours today, we can’t wait to see you!

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