As the season changes, so does our hair! We’ve been in this industry for a long time, so we know and understand the latest beauty trends. Your hair has seen it all: short, long, platinum blonde, midnight black, curtain bangs or a blunt cut, but there’s something about long hair that’s really calling out to you at this moment. If this sounds like you, we’re here to help. Here’s what you can do to grow that hair out before summer is back in full swing!


For those who are looking to treat themselves to a relaxing and beneficial service, we offer a ton of great ones that could help your hair grow. These services make great add-ons to your regular appointments. Are you stopping by for your usual dye and cut? Try adding on one of these services as a special treat! And if you’re not sure which one’s right for you, just contact us and we’ll help you out.

Try Our Keratin Treatments

Keratin is a protein that maintains the health of your hair, skin, and nails. If you lack a lot of keratin, your hair is more likely to break off at the ends, making it much more difficult for you to have longer hair. So when you’re looking to do a little something extra for your hair, give our keratin smoothing or de-frizzing treatments a try! By replenishing all that lost keratin, you’ll have smoother and thicker looking hair, allowing it to grow longer and stronger when you do these treatments regularly.

Try Our Essential Treatment

Okay, so what exactly is “essential”? This treatment is exactly what your hair needs. If we could pick a favourite service to recommend to our clients, this would definitely be it. It’s the do-it-all treatment for your hair, whether you’re suffering from a dry scalp or lacklustre ends, or your hair just needs that extra boost! Our Essential Treatment starts with a consultation and diagnosis of your hair and scalp where we examine the issue and create a plan of action! Next, we’ll remove all that buildup from the scalp and use a cleansing treatment to freshen it all up. By targeting your scalp, we’re stimulating the hair follicles and promoting longer, thicker and healthier hair!

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Just like your skin, your hair needs a daily routine to become its best self. It’s important to use products that promote healthy and strong hair, especially when you’re on a long hair journey. The right products can really make a difference in achieving your hair goals, so we’ve rounded up our favourites for you! Our salon sells so many great, organic products to shop from, so here are some of our favourite products that could really help your hair grow:

Try reNeu Scalp Therapy

If you’re wanting a fresh start, this is exactly what you need! This amazing product gives your scalp a clean slate and can help your hair grow faster. It uses plant extracts and essential oils to improve the look of your freshly dyed hair from the root, while promoting a healthy scalp. The plant extracts and essential oils in this product work to reduce itching, flaking and buildup in your scalp. With all the work this product does in revitalizing your scalp, it can actually stimulate hair growth. Here’s how: pea sprout extract is known to stimulate hair growth by feeding the scalp with lots of essential nutrients. Using this regularly can help you get that long hair you’ve been wanting!

Try neuRepair Argan Oil

Do you have trouble growing your hair out because it’s dry, damaged, or brittle? Don’t worry, we have the solution! It’s no secret that argan oil is a miracle worker for those who struggle with damaged and dull hair. Not only does it leave your hair silky smooth, but argan oil is known to promote cell production in the scalp. Using this oil on a regular basis can make your hair growing journey easier. You’ll start seeing thicker, healthier and longer hair in no time!

Try reNeu Shampoo

Neuma Beauty is a brand we love and trust, and we’re always raving about all the different (and organic!) products they carry. Their reNeu shampoo is packed full of necessary oils and extracts that enhance your hair. The main ingredients are sunflower seed oil and roselle flower extract, both of which can boost your hair growth. These two ingredients stop your hair from breaking easily by strengthening all your dry and damaged ends. This makes it easier to grow your hair out, since your ends won’t constantly be breaking off. If your hair never grows past your shoulders, you should definitely consider trying the reNeu shampoo.

You deserve to have the hair of your dreams, and if you’re dreaming of longer and luscious hair, we’re happy to help! Let us help you look and feel  like the best you, starting with your hair. Give us a call to try one of our amazing and relaxing treatments, or stop by the salon to shop our favourite products. And if you try any of our tips for growing out your hair, let us know! We’d love to see your results.

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