War against frizzy hair by Clique Organic Salons Kitchener

Summer is synonymous with frizzy hair and it is a daily battle with its ups and downs! This is a quick guide on how to face each day with a fighting chance.


Humidity and summer months, although a struggle for some, can be the best time for curly hair. The humidity adds moisture and bounce to most types of curly hair. If you are a curly-haired girl and the summer weather is your hairs best ally, we encourage you to bask in your curly glory! This guide is for anyone who struggles in the summer months.

Products For Frizz Defence

When heat and humidity have you down, products are always the first go-to. But what product is the right product? Think of product as your defencive shield against a world of frizz and fuzz. As stylists, our first go-to is always humidity defence products. Clique’s favorite would absolutely be the Smoothing Cream from Neuma. Using this product, or a product like this, covers the hair in a veil of defence from weather conditions. Oils and serums are also super effective in this type of weather. Talking to your stylist about what is right for you is always key in getting the best results for you and your hair type.

Tools To Combat

Having the right tools in your arsenal is key: blow dryer to speed up drying in damp, humid weather; flatirons and the like to lock the situation down. This stylist’s opinion is that your flatiron should be your best friend in the summer months. Whether you wear your hair curly or straight, the long-lasting results from a flatiron delivering heat from both sides of your hair simultaneously will absolutely be an asset in your daily hair battles.   

Heavy Hitting Treatments

If products and tools are not enough or just do not fit into your daily life, a smoothing treatment may be your perfect solution. All people, all hair textures and all styles can benefit from the power of a smoothing treatment. Unlike a straightening treatment or “relaxer,” smoothing treatments do not fully alter your natural hair texture. This makes it ideal if you love your hair bouncy and curly or styled straight. Smoothing treatments will help reduce frizz, dry time and increase manageability!  

Last Resorts

Putting your hair up is a first resort for some but a last resort for others, both of which are perfectly fine. But, when all else fails, we know we can count on the trusted ponytail, bun or braid! More often than not, we feel like this is our last resort and an “it is what it is” moment. But that is just not true, and there are a ton of things you can do with your hair to keep it up. A quick Google search on “putting your hair up”  or any “how to do a (insert ponytail, bun, sock bun, braid, etc.) will give you lots of inspiration and videos!

At The End Of The Day

In the end, no matter how you chose to deal with, embrace, ignore or fight against frizzy hair and humidity, as long as you feel good and feel beautiful nothing else really matters! To fight or embrace, the choice is up to you!  

As always, the talented team of stylists at Clique Organic Salons in Kitchener is here to help! Contact us to book an appointment.