Looking to get the most out of your upcoming hair appointment? We love that and fully support it! Preparing for a hair appointment is really not difficult, especially when you have all the information you need right here. There’s a lot you can do before you come and see us, but we don’t want to unnecessarily overcomplicate it for you – because sometimes less is more.

Here are our top 3 things you can do before your hair appointment!

Research what you’re looking for

This tip is especially true if you’re looking to try something new with your hair, but is still important if you’re not changing things. Whether you’re looking for hair inspiration online or through older photos of yourself, it’s important to come prepared with a vision in your head of what you want – and to communicate that with us.

Pro tip: come with photos on your phone so we can get an idea of what you love! Tell us what you like about the pictures you saved, and anything you may not like. This will give us all the information about what you’re looking for, and we’ll be able to determine how best to get to your hair goals.

It’s important to remember that many hair images online aren’t achievable with hair colouring & styling alone, as it’s common for hair models to have extensions in for their photoshoots. And some hair inspiration you find may not be achievable with your hair type, which is why it’s crucial for us to see what kind of hair you’re dreaming of so that we can use our expert knowledge to see how to get you what you’ll love while keeping the integrity of your natural hair!

Be prepared to speak up

Yes, we are the hair experts here, but at the end of the day, we’re working with your hair, and you’re the one who will get to walk out of our salon loving your new hairstyle. This is why it’s so important that you speak up and communicate what you want!

We’re always here to guide you and support you, and we prioritize creating an environment where you’re comfortable sharing with us and telling us how you feel. We encourage you to ask questions if you’re not sure about something and let us know exactly what you’re hoping for.

So before your appointment, get a good understanding of what you want, and be prepared to let us know! We love hearing from our clients and working collaboratively to get them their dream hair.

Plan ahead

When you’re booking a hair appointment with us, we prompt you to specify what exactly you’re looking for, whether it’s a simple cut and blowdry, a balayage, a special event styling appointment, or even a hair & scalp treatment. This ensures that we book enough time to work with you without rushing, and lets you know how much time you need to put aside in your day for your hair appointment.

We also understand that things happen and sometimes you’re not able to make it in for your scheduled time. Simply communicate with us what’s going on! We allow cancellations up to 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment so that other clients have a chance to grab that spot when you no longer need it.

Ready to book your hair appointment this season? We’d love to see you! Book with us ASAP.

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